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Marjon150-150Marjon van Opijnen
Programme coordinator & coordination leadership programma

Thirteen years of working experience in sustainability made me realise that we need more fundamental change. Sustainability strives for straightening a curve within a system where continuous growth on a finite planet is key. Ever since I wondered how do we actually want to live together and how do we want to care for this planet in a way that is really sustainable? And what can I do to realise this? Where do I want to start?

To make a positive contribution to these questions and to find answers, I (co-)initiated and set up the first edition of the Leaders for Economic Programme that ran in 2011-2012. The programme touches upon different fundamental principles that form my leitmotiv in live. I believe that we can only change something outside ourselves when we know how we relate to this internally. A joint internal and external change make that change can happen. Futhermore, I believe that diversity and collaboration are key in designing for the new stream and the business architecture of the future, this also is an important principle for LfEC.

I am looking forward to make the LfEC2014 a joint success together with you, young professional, business and other partners. I want to inspire and be inspired by all people working on and participating in LfEC.

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Damaris MatthijsenDamaris Matthijsen
Coordination economy and transition content

After a long career of a quite unsatisfying search for ways to fundamentally contribute to the economic changes that I envisioned to be necessary, I finally left the office world. I decided to create my own movement in 2009; the Economy Transformers. This is a movement of highly diverse people on a joint mission. They all strive for fundamentally new stream of thoughts and practices. Their search resulted in the discovery of the six dimensions on which the transition seems to take place. After coordinating the movement for 4 years I started a company with Marjon van Opijnen to make my experience and knowledge available to business.

LfEC is based on fundamentals that I strongly believe in such as: bring in diversity, design for the new stream through personal awareness and leadership, joint creation reflecting the need to collaborate throughout supply chains  and bring more fundamental systemic changes in sectors. I look forward to set up and run this second edition of the programme with you, based on the trust that I gained from the first round experience. The first edition generated great positive energy among the participants and the visitors of the conference to co-design a better future, our future.

I am looking forward to a next programme edition with attendees, partners and teachers to collectively design inspiring new visions for the future.

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