Programme content


1. Pitching

The programme will officially start with a pitching session in January 2014 based upon which the participans will be finally selected. Pre-selected applicants will be challenged to present their motivation in a pitch. Participants will be selected for this pitch based on their motivation and CV.


2. Teaching and leadership programme

Leaders of the future need to acquire knowledge and consciousness in who they are and why they are here and which talents and skills they have to offer. This part of the programme is meant to provide input to these three levels: knowledge, consciousness and skills.

Knowledge will be based on the six dimensions developed by Economy Transformers (see annex 2). Each of the six dimensions will be touched upon in more depth, examples will be used. Also the theory learning will be very experiential. Each of the dimensions will be deepened in the lectures.

Throughout the programme three leadership weekends will be offered. The theme of the first weekend will be personal visions; the second weekend will be transition leadership and the third empowerment skills.

If you want to read more about the modules we offer, go here.


3. Co-creation

In sequence to the teaching and leadership programme a co-creation with invitees will be organized which will take place in June 2014. The goal of this co-creation is to develop a vision on the economy and business in 2030. This vision will be an important input for the participants to develop the transition plan for the real life cases of the consortium partners submitted. The outcomes of the case studies will be presented at the final Economic Exchange Conference.

4. Development transition plan & coaching

In groups of 5, you will work on a case provided by one of the consortium partners. The co-created vision on the Economy 2030 will be the input for further analysis of the case. The groups are supposed to develop action plans for the case assigned to their group. Each group will be coached. The coach will support your group in your thinking, to assure a high level of innovation in your transition plan.

5. Economic Exchange Conference

The Economic Exchange Conference is co-created by programme participants. It will be a major event where your employer, management, all consortium partners, colleagues and external people are invited, but also other interested people, including those from yours and ours networks. We aim at an audience of 250 people. Your transition plan will be challenged for a jury.

6. Deepening sessions for your management

Parallel to the programme, you will be asked to organise and set up deepening sessions for your management and the management of the (other) consortium partners. You are free to determine the topics and challenge your management to also think about innovative ideas and new ways of thinking about doing business.

Dates will be announced in October 2013.


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