Do you want to

  • read the signs and predict the direction of change before it happens?
  • to have innovative views on solutions for the current crisis’?
  • to bring change, but do not know how?
  • to meet other young professionals, find common ground and discuss what the future economy and business should look like and work on concrete, innovative solutions for today’s problems?

Then, we like to invite you, young professional and our future leader, to join our programme in which you will be offered a combination of lectures, training and coaching by today’s leaders who are captains of industry, innovative entrepreneurs, pioneers and renowned scientists already working towards change in their field of expertise. The LfEC programme focuses on enhancing knowledge, awareness and skills and prepares you to design for a new economy and new ways of doing business.

Andreea Staicu

“I learnt that there are more people who think that we need a new economic paradigm and that I am not the only one who wishes this. Moreover, the programme made me realize that we are the ones who have to initiate the change that we wish to see.”

Andreea Staicu, Alumni 2012

At the end of the programme you will have met the following learning outcomes:

  • You will gain improved understanding of the current economic situation and the role of business in this, have developed a vision on the new possible ways, developed a vision on the economy and business in 2030;
  • You have learned to transform the vision into a practical and concrete transition plan based on the cases provided by the consortium partners;
  • You have developed your leadership skills that are needed for the future economy and business;
  • You have learned to use practical skills like storytelling, dialogue, writing, creative presenting.

You will also share what you regard as valuable with your friends, colleagues and the outside world. Together with the other participants and in co-creation with your company’s management and external experts you will develop:

  • A co-created vision on the economy and business in 2030;
  • A co-created action plan to put the vision into practice;
  • Transition plans based on the cases provided by the consortium partners; and
  • Organise the Economic Exchange Conference at the end of the programme.

In short, the programme comprehends the following elements:

  1. 5 theoretical 5-hour sessions on the new economy and related topics, combined with learning journeys where possible;
  2. 3 skill 5-hour session, like storytelling, writing a proposal, to enhance existing skills and develop transition leadership skills;
  3. 3 leadership and transition weekends from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon;
  4. Group coaching to develop your transition plan for the case you are working on.

Find more information about the programme content here.

All participants that have successfully finished the programme will receive a signed certificate.


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