Economy Transformers

Economy Transformers wishes to contribute to a society and economy which is in harmony and balance with nature and all human beings. In order to do so, we embarked on a journey together with the Embassy of the Earth, who guides us through a process to become an active practical learning community. At the end of our journey, we will have worked in several different task forces and shared the end results with the outside world in a ‘market space’. We then have added value both in developing theories and showcasing practical solutions. Furthermore, we work on our own (collective and personal) awareness around paradigm shifts that are needed in order to co-create that new reality we wish for and what it means in daily practice.

We have now grown into a community of almost 600 online members with a core of 60 people. Most of our activities are physical meetings. Some are on invitations such as base- and mid-camp, most of them are open for all people interested. Our online platform is open to anyone who wishes to join the community.

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