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Radio interview

Damaris Matthijsen, Suzanne van Straaten and Jorim Tielbeek at the radio station of Amsterdam Radio. Interview for programme ‘Goede Zaken’.

In the media - radio amsterdam








Article in leadership yearbook

LfEC was asked to write an article about their vision on the Economy 2030 for the Eurocharity Yearbook about Leadership in Sustainability. Participants Shoshannah Bramlett, Theodoros Galanos, Jorim Tielbeek, and Simone Toxopeus wrote this contribution to the EuroCharity book.








Article in Parool

Jeroen Drijver, one of the LfEC2012 participants, wrote an article about community currencies in Het Parool, 8 September 2012.

In the media - 120908 Artikel Parool Jeroen Drijver

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