For who?

This high level programme is open for potential young professionals and master students, up to the age of 32. We learned from our experience that a good and divers constellation of the group is important to allow to facilitate in depth discussions and assure a broad perspective on the future economy. Therefore we highly recommend non-economists to also apply for the programme as well.

The individual participants should meet the following requirements:

  • Not be older than 32 years of age;
  • Finished an MSc, MA, BSc, BA, or applied higher education, of any sort;
  • Open to transitional change;
  • You regard yourself an entrepreneur/intrapreneur, pioneer, innovator, change agent or bridge builder.

Siraj Zubair“This made a lasting impact on me especially in the area of personal leadership where a perfect blend of holistic knowledge and shared experiences helped me to realize that our imagination can be transformed into reality with proper tools and guidance.”

Siraj Zubair, Alumni 2012

Concerning the entire group, we strive for a diversity based on the following criteria:

  • Mixture of young professionals and students;
  • Participants with diverse professional backgrounds;
  • Preferably different nationalities;
  • Gender balance;
  • A good variety of entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs, pioneers, innovators, change agents and bridge builders.

Bringing together participants from different disciplines will lead towards an integral vision on our new economic future!

Timo Spijkerboer“The first 30 years of my life I have become surprised how we, as a society, serve our economy where it should serve us. The LFEC program has provided me a new set of mental concepts to understand our economy and it’s change. The program has inspired me to start my own company.”

Timo Spijkerboer, Alumni 2012

The programme has space for 30 participants. These places are divided as follows:

  • Depending on individual agreements with the consortium partner, the consortium partner will have maximum of four young professionals participate in the programme;
  • Each consortium partner is invited to sponsors one high potential masters student;
  • Three open spaces for high potential PhD, pioneers, social entrepreneurs; they pay a smaller fee for participation in the programme;
  • Three open spaces for employees from companies, only one person per company. Their employer has automatically access to all knowledge and material build in the programme and the meetings organised throughout the duration of the programme. They are not part of the co-development process prior to the start of the programme.


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