Different groups may receive funding to participate in the programme. This funding is brought together by the consortium partners and availability of these sponsored places depends on their ability to contribute to the programme.

Price range:

  • Individual contribution by the consortium partner will be arranged individually and published in our annual report;
  • Open spaces young professionals: € 6,250;
  • Employees of small NGOs € 3,750;
  • Social entrepreneurs: € 1,750.

We are open to explore other ways of payment. For the programme we need the following services.

Each participant will also be asked to make an individual contribution to the programme:

  • Individual contribution young professionals: € 350 each
  • Students: € 150 each

The individual contributions of young professionals and students will be reserved for the Economic Exchange Conference at the end of the programme. This will give the participants extra budget for organising this final event.

In case you want to apply for the social entrepreneur or small NGO fee, please write to us with a motivation of max. 300 words. And also explain your situation.

We also like to urge you to look for additional funding. Use social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ to raise money for your participation in the programme. You could also consider to start a crowdfunding campaign. We are happy to provide more information if you need so.


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