Sarah Denie

Sarah is a macro-economist with a strong drive for developing a healthy and beautiful economy. A society based on integrity of the human economy within the larger Community of Life, and integrity of our deepest values and beliefs with the way we work, consume and organise society.

With her organisation Beautiful Economy (, Sarah works as an independent speaker, teacher, curriculum developer, professional trainer and researcher in the fields of new economics and sustainability.

After obtaining her Masters degree in International Economics, Sarah started her career as a financial analyst for ABN Amro Bank. Understanding the power structures of money, she soon decided to change direction and become a researcher in the field of social / environmental sustainability and the role of the financial sector therein. The insights gained during this time led her to deeply question the drivers of our economic and currently dominant values-system, and dedicate herself to being part of – and actively promote – an alternative, healthy route of development.

Sarah educated herself in a wide-range of moral philosophies (a.o. neo-classical economics, environmental and ecological economics, Buddhist, Gandhian and other values-based economics), holistic science and inquiry (science based on qualities, participation and relation, the principles of systems-thinking, complexity and interconnectedness) and in individual and social change (focusing on transition of inner values and outward behaviour).

With Beautiful Economy, Sarah works and has worked with the more progressive programmes in new economics, sustainable leadership and values-based enterprise, such as Schumacher College (UK), Leaders for Economic Change, Knowmads Business School, University College Utrecht, and Nyenrode Business University. In December 2012 she and ecologist/philosopher Li An Phoa founded Spring College (, a school for outside, experiential life-long learning around ecology, eco-philosophy and transition towards a healthy values-system.


Sarah’s CV


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