Marjon van Opijnen

Over the past 13 years, my main focus has been social sustainability and justice in the Netherlands, Europe, Africa and Asia. In the different positions I held, I operated on operational and strategic levels within organisations and in relation with external stakeholders. The main fields in which I initiated and carried out projects are: sustainable supply chain management, human rights, sustainable business development, strategy & policy development, economic & business transition, leadership. Furthermore, I have been teaching the modules ‘Project Management’ and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics’ at the Nyenrode New Business School since 2008.

I am a pragmatic, open minded, cooperative and enthousiastic person. These characteristics, together with my broad knowledge about sustainability, made me capable of bringing people and companies together and motivate parties to work on sustainable business practices. As project manager I bring structure and vision. As trainer and teacher I usually interact easily and motivate the audience.


Marjon’s CV


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