Jasper Rienstra

Jasper Rienstra has profound experience in applying Spiral Dynamics integral (and other core integral evolutionary concepts) in leadership development and implementing complex change, in both commercial and non-profit organizations. His purpose in working in organizations is to make unity consciousness workable in an earthed, easy-to-apply way for everybody. He is relentless optimistic about the potential of human beings to experience unity.

He is Executive Director at CHE Synnervate: an organizational consultancy firm that inspires and facilitates change processes in organizations and communities in order for sustainable responses to complex challenges to emerge. As a Synnervator and as a member of the Alignment Circle of the Center for Human Emergence (Netherlands) he puts his work in the context of integral societal innovation. Jasper also initiated Mooi Boos and is a Certified Holacracy Practitioner.

He is a long-term student of de Dutch School voor Zijnsoriƫntatie, a school that combines the wisdom of Eastern spirituality (Dzogchen Buddhism) with Western psychology.


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