Damaris Matthijsen

Damaris Matthijsen has been actively involved in the sustainability movement within various NGOs (such as Greenpeace) and businesses (eFresh, GET NV) since 2002. In the course of her work, she became fully aware of the limitations of the current economic model and the gap between the pioneers in this field and mainstream thinking. She believes that sustainability is not enough and that there are more fundamental systemic transitions needed (or at hand) and she wanted to contribute to those transitions.

In 2009 she successfully founded and coordinated Economy Transformers (www.economytransformers.com). It started as a guided process with a select group of people to explore a new economic paradigm. It has now grown into a movement of 600 professionals who wish to collaborate in working towards a vital economy and society. They developed a ground pattern for integral transition; the six dimensions along which the transition seems to take place in today’s reality.

After relinquishing her coordinator’s role, Damaris started a consulting company together with Marjon van Opijnen in early 2013. With their experience in social and systemic change, they support ambitious people and organizations to play a leading role in the transition to a     vital economy and society. Their aim is to co-shape, co-design and accelerate the desired future. In their work, they make use of different transition frameworks among which are the six dimensions of Economy Transformers as well as the concept of Freedom, Equality, Brother/sisterhood as organizing principles for change.


Damaris’ CV


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