Anne-Marie Voorhoeve

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is a strategist, an innovative co creator and experienced facilitator, who focuses on transformation of society into a sustainable world. She has a back ground in entrepreneurship, experience marketing, and communications. She enjoys supporting complex – often international – multi-stakeholder projects that commit to a meaningful and ambitious goal. She leads and participates in process design, delivery and development, including training. As a talented strategic connector she is well equipped to find people and resources, develop structures and support leadership and innovation.
She is one of the core initiators of CHE Center for Human Emergence NL , a community, a movement and a company, bringing together people from multiple disciplines to co create sustainable solutions. She is a Synnervator in CHE Synnervate Inc, its organizational consultancy and CHE School of Synnervation the training firm. Both encompass experts in the field of organizational development and advice, leadership and project development, facilitation, training, research and publications.
She is co founder and Strategic Connector of The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation & Emergence, to support, learn about and promote innovative integral approaches to the global challenges that humanity faces today, with the development of Meshworks (multi-stakeholder projects) as a core competence.
Anne-Marie encourages people of all ages to make use of their full potential and own creative power to (re)design their work into a meaningful and empowering part of their life. She is working internationally with businesses, business networks, international organizations, technology providers, groups of politicians, NGOs in diverse multi-stakeholder groups. She creates conditions for mutual trust. Where appropriate, she plays a mentoring role, building the competence of team members and participants to own and take forward the process. Her training combined with her international life experience has given her the ability to find rapport, and connect across cultures with different organizations, interest groups, political groupings, and professional societies.
Anne-Marie is active in society, e.g. chair of Quality Centre for Refugee Women to flourish in society; former general board member of NIMA Netherlands Institute for Marketing, member NIMA Top Women in Sustainable Marketing; former Register Marketeer; member of Advisory Board of Tijdschrift voor Marketing, monthly magazine for marketing professionals; member Advisory Board of SVE Stichting Vrouwelijke Entrepreneurs – Association of Female Entrepreneurs and initiator of Federation of Business Women; partner of MVO Nederland, corporate sustainability network organization; friend of European Centre for Experience Economy, University of Amsterdam.
Anne-Marie lives with her husband and two daughters in a small village in the central lake district in the Netherlands.


Anne-Marie’s CV

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