Nudge’s mission is to attain a truly sustainable society in an economically viable manner. Nudge, a social enterprise, seeks cooperation with the world of education and academics, and the public and private sector in order to accelerate consumer initiatives. We also seek cooperation with consumers who are willing to test and try out new products and services developed by the public and private sectors.

Het Groene Brein

The goal of the Groene Brein is to enhance and connect the knowledge and practice concerning business and sustainability. It is a network of nearly 60 scientists from many different backgrounds. The combined knowledge will be put in practice and piloted at frontrunning companies. Several of the participating scientists also contribute to the LfEC2014.

Economy Transformers

Economy Transformers wishes to contribute to a society and economy which is in harmony and balance with nature and all human beings. In order to do so, we embarked on a journey together with the Embassy of the Earth, who guides us through a process to become an active practical learning community. At the end […]