Toekomstig Accountancy Onderwijs

Gelezen column op FAN Congres (Financiele en Accountancy Opleidingen voor de nieuwe economie) 5 juli 2016 Marjon van Opijnen   Het zal jullie niet zijn ontgaan dat vanaf 1 mei 2017 alle accountants een eed moeten hebben afgelegd. De eed gaat over het erkennen van het algemeen belang van het accountancyvak voor het welzijn en […]

Valuing the created

In our training and consultancy proposals, Damaris and I experiment with different ways of valuing what we create. Currently, value creation afterwards based on a minimum and maximum price is under our exploration. I’d like to share our experiences so far.   Why? In our transaction based economy there are always at least two parties […]

Gadget society…. or gadget marketing….

Yesterday, I found a small package on my doormat, addressed to the residents of this address. At first I thought: ‘that is nice of the municipality, a little gift for the hassles of the construction works in our area over de last year….’ When I opened it, I found a (Witte Reus) toilet block. All […]

Watching, watching, not buying

This week is THE don’t buy anything week. A plead for other ways of ownership and reconsideration what we really need. How do our belongings contribute to our happiness. Do they actually contribute and to which level? Today a special section in the Volkskrant about THE don’t buy anything week. Damaris Matthijsen, one of the […]