Gadget society…. or gadget marketing….

Yesterday, I found a small package on my doormat, addressed to the residents of this address. At first I thought: ‘that is nice of the municipality, a little gift for the hassles of the construction works in our area over de last year….’

When I opened it, I found a (Witte Reus) toilet block. All of a sudden I possessed a toilet block I would never buy and I even do not want to have. Usually I refuse 9 out of 10 gadgets I get offered. But this one…. sent by mail….

A few years ago I was offered an iPod that came together with a membership. I refused it and mentioned that on my application form. When I received all documents, they also sent me the iPod, not taking any notice of my desire to get a membership without gadget. I returned the iPod and included a little letter saying that I didn’t need it and that they could probably make somebody else happy with the thing. To my surprise, a few days later I received a second iPod. I gave that one to somebody else.

Now, I eneded up with this toilet block, nobody asking me whether I desired it and ignoring my desire not to receive it. Anyhow…. whatever I do it’s in my possession. I can use it, so that at least it does do the job, and it will end up in the sewage. I can throw it away and it will end up in the litter unused. I can give it to somebody else and it will either end up in the sewage or litter through that person. I can return it to ‘Witte Reus’ and make a statement. Although it will most likely still end up in the litter and be produced for nothing….

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