About us

Our mission is to enable young professionals and master students to understand the turbulent times we are currently in and to enable them to shape a future and design for the newstream. LfEC equips young professionals and master students with the knowledge and skills required for envisioning and co-creating a more sustainable future.

We do so by offering an ambitious 10-month programme especially developed for young professionals and master students. For this programme, LfEC invites today’s renowned scientists, and business leaders for the experienced-based learning journey to prepare young professionals for their future role.

The young professionals are being challenged to work on real life cases provided by the consortium partners. Teachings on transition thinking, economic change, new business paradigms and monetary system will support them to build their case. The leadership part of the programme enables them to determine their individual position in relation to the case. Skill development facilitates them to create momentum and get their message across.

Sander Tideman PIC“The whole focus of this programme is broad and holistic. And very systemic. I think that is unique.  The beauty of the programme is that you learn to look and think holistically and than you can zoom in into things that you think are most relevant.”

Sander Tideman, Coach LfEC 2012 & 2014

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