Leaders for economic change

In a fast changing world where the existing economy and business paradigm is changing to a new, we prepare young professionals and businesses to design and develop for this new paradigm. Renowned experts and business leaders contribute to the experienced-based learning journey and enable our future leaders to create a new economy and business reality that is good for all.

Our mission is to enable young professionals and master students to understand the turbulent times we are currently in and to enable them to shape a future and design for the newstream. We welcome you to learn more about our mission, personal stories and how we implement new ways of doing business.

The world is changing fast. Conventional economic and business systems are being questioned. A paradigm shift is needed towards new systems and concepts. You want to read more about how LfEC’s maintains five principles for this paradigm shift.

LfEC offers a 10-month programme to enable you, a young professional and future leader, to start shaping the world of tomorrow. We have on board today’s frontrunning renowned scientists and business leaders to share their wisdom and experience based learning journey and prepare you to shape our future.

The programme was run for the first time in 2011-2012. Curious to see the results of the previous edition? We welcome you to view pictures and videos of LfEC 2011-2012. See more here.